Elementary Education
Pre-K through 6th Grade


Teaching and learning are at the core of our elementary education program. Teaching and learning are continually enhanced as we explore and develop our curriculum across content areas and grade levels. By fostering a growth mindset in our teaching and learning, we are developing ourselves and our students as lifelong learners who value a work ethic that is resilient to the challenges in learning while maintaining a safe, supportive environment where learners can take the risks required to learn and grow. The development and implementation of the elementary curriculum will continue to be monitored and analyzed as we are responsive to our learners who remain at the center of our instructional decision making.  

The following are our elementary district buildings:

  • South Haven Early Childhood Center (Pre-K)
  • Brookhaven Elementary (Pre-K - 3)
  • Kreamer Elementary (K-3)
  • Verne W. Critz (K-3)
  • Frank P. Long Intermediate School (4-5)
  • Bellport Middle School (6th Grade)