Our District


Mission Statement

The South Country Central School District will promote continuous growth and a sense of belonging through the active engagement of every student in a respectful and collaborative learning environment, characterized by academic rigor and high expectations.

Vision Statement

We believe that students are the priority in our learning community, each deserving a high-quality education to prepare them as life-long learners and participants in a diverse and rapidly changing world. We believe in the importance of cultivating critical thinking skills; a global along with multicultural perspective; and a respect for the core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion for each other. We believe that high expectations must be met by the equitable allocation of talented educators, leaders, resources, and support. We believe that as partners, mentors, stakeholders, and community members, we are all empowered to work together in order to provide an academic and emotional safe haven for our students where everyone is heard, valued, and respected.


Strategic Planning Goals

  1. Create a safe, engaging, supportive and challenging school environment that enables student success while receiving a well-rounded education.
  2. Create a culture of appreciation where we hold ourselves accountable for student success and recognize our contribution to those successes.
  3. Ensure that each of our students is academically prepared to succeed in college, career, life, and the global economy.
  4. Develop and implement an aligned curriculum with core learning expectations to improve the performance of all students, where teaching and learning are continually adjusted on the basis of data collected through a variety of valid and reliable methods.
  5. Promote efficiency and economy ensuring the district is delivering the best education program with the resources we have so the public gets the maximum educational return for each dollar spent.