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Philosophy of Education of South Country School District

The primary purpose of South Country School District is to impart knowledge and develop as fully as possible the total capabilities of each and every pupil and to prepare him/her for a contributing part in American society and the world.

This two-fold purpose demands sound instruction in basic skills in accordance with New York State Statutory Requirements, the effective teaching of subject matter, and the development of each child's mind character, and physical well-being to the end that he/she may cultivate reasoning, sound judgment, and creativity.
(Excerpted from The Policy Manual; South Country Central School District, 2013)


South Country Central School District

Strategic Planning Goals

  1. Ensure that each of our students is academically prepared to succeed in college, career, life, and the global economy.
  2. Create a safe, engaging, supportive and challenging school environment that enables student success while receiving a well-rounded education.
  3. Create a culture of appreciation where we hold ourselves accountable for student success.
  4. Develop and implement an aligned curriculum with core learning expectations to improve the performance of all students, where teaching and learning are continually adjusted on the basis of data collected through a variety of valid and reliable methods.
  5. Promote efficiency and economy ensuring the district is delivering the best education program with the resources we have so the public gets the maximum educational return for each dollar spent.

(Excerpted from The Policy Manual;South Country Central School District, 2013)


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