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Cheer our 5th grade students as they compete in our annual Game 24! Tournament.
Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 6:30pm. Contestants, check in at 6:15.

You are guaranteed to have fun at our annual Family Fun Night on Friday, January 24th at 7pm. The more the merrier!








599 Brookhaven Ave
Bellport, NY 11713
Phone: (631) 730-1725
Fax: (631) 286-0276

Grades 4 - 5
Hours:  8:20 am - 2:40 pm
Dismissal Begins at 2:30 pm
Mrs. Stefanie Rucinski

Assistant Principal:

Mrs. Alicia Ulberg

In The News

Fourth Grade Students Think Before They Share

Fourth Grade Students Think Before They Share photo thumbnail161654
Frank P. Long fourth grade students attended an assembly with New York State Division of Justice investigative specialist Alexa Benincasa, who spoke about the fundamentals of online safety, as prepared by the New York State Missing Persons Clearinghouse. The presentation taught safe and responsible online and cellphone practices and encouraged students to keep parents and teachers informed about their online activities.  

Principal Stefanie Rucinski explained that the internet and cellphone use of young students has provided countless academic opportunities, but that children need reminding about rules that keep them safe when using technological devices. “Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate material, cyberbullying or enticement can happen to any child at any time and could have devastating effects,” Ms. Rucinski said.

The presentation focused on how to be internet safety smart, to avoid risky behaviors online and protect personal information and their privacy. Cyberbullying was also discussed, as well as how to block a bully. 

Dancing Classrooms

Dancing Classrooms  thumbnail161298
Dancing Classrooms 2 thumbnail161299
The District’s fifth graders entered and exited the Frank P. Long Intermediate School gymnasium in the escort position, two-by two and linked arm-in-arm, during a culminating performance for parents and faculty of Dancing Classrooms of Long Island. The 10-week physical education unit taught students core moves that form the basis of the merengue, fox trot, rumba, tango, swing, polka and waltz, as well as the importance of teamwork, empathy and respect.  

During the program’s introduction, Dancing Classrooms of Long Island Educational Liaison Jessica Heins told parents, “The students walk away with a can-do attitude.” She also thanked the students by saying, “We are grateful to each and every student who bravely entered into Dancing Classrooms and we celebrate all that you have achieved.”

In addition to great exercise, the goal of the Dancing Classrooms physical education unit was to provide additional opportunities for students to hone teamwork, develop respect for peers and invoke elegance in movement. With the introduction of each dance, the students also learn about diverse cultures. Additionally, by learning the escort position, the students learned two important ideals of ballroom dancing, honor and respect.

During the program, demonstration teams and then groups of students performed each of the dance moves for parents, alternating partners during the performance. To further celebrate the dances’ diverse cultures, select students read poetry and prose to add to the festive occasion. 

The program culminated with all of the teams and faculty dancing the polka. The students were then allowed to escort their choice of a partner onto the floor for one more dance.

Frank P. Long Students Complete the G.R.E.A.T Program

Frank P. Long Students Complete the G.R.E.A.T Program photo  thumbnail144001
Frank P. Long Students Complete the G.R.E.A.T Program photo 2 thumbnail144002
Frank P. Long Intermediate School students have completed a six-week federal program named Gang Resistance Education and Training, taught by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. 
During the workshops, fourth graders learned about anger management, good decision-making, how to become part of the community, communication skills, bullying prevention and being a good citizen. The program is also designed to promote a positive relationship between law enforcement and community youth.  
“Remember that outcomes are the result of your decision,” Deputy Sheriff Brian McCrave told the students. “Make good decisions that come with great outcomes and remember that you have to think before making a decision.” 
As a culminating activity, Deputy Sheriffs Steve Calvo and Kevin Tracy demonstrated how their canine detectives locate drugs, and track criminals by utilizing their keen sense of smell. Calvo and Tracy explained that a dog’s nose receptors are 100 times more powerful than any human. They also explained that the dogs are part of their families and the dogs’ number one priority is to please their handler, creating a special bond with the sheriffs. The students also witnessed how both dogs were able to detect marijuana in a planted carry case and follow other commands.
After the assembly, each fourth grade student received a certificate for having completed the G.R.E.A.T. program 

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