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37 Kreamer Street
Bellport, NY 11713
Phone: (631) 730-1650
Fax: (631) 776-0903

Grades K - 3

Hours: 9:20 am - 3:20 pm

Principal: Mr. Sean F. Clark



Mission Statement

Kreamer Street is a learning community of educators, students and families. Our mission is to lay a foundation of solid educational skills and a love of learning for all. Through the use of data driven instruction, our students will leave as readers, writers and mathematicians ready to explore the world and make their mark. We strive to build up our community so that when our students graduate, they will be confident citizens surrounded by a supportive environment in which to begin a productive and enriched life.

Third Grade Virtual Moving Up Ceremony and Car Parade

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Important information regarding K-2 chromebooks

Our goal is to get every child a chromebook who does not have a viable electronic device to use at this time. As we communicated previously in our letter regarding chromebook distribution, the district-wide order has not come in yet and we currently have a limited supply. For these reasons, we kindly ask that you only call for an appointment if your child absolutely needs one. When our shipment of chromebooks comes in, we will then be able to give one to all students. Please call the main office between the hours of 10:00 and 2:00 beginning tomorrow, September 11th, if you need an appointment to pick up a chromebook. Second grade appointments will be on Tuesday, September 15th, and Grades 1 and Kindergarten will be for Wednesday, September 16th.

Información importante sobre los chromebooks de grado K-2

Nuestra meta es darle un chromebook a todo niño o niña que no tenga aparato electrónico ahora. Como me comunique antes en la letra que le escribí sobre los chromebooks, nuestro distrito todavía no ha recibido la orden de chromebooks. Por estas razones cariñosamente le pedimos que llame para una cita si su hijo o hija lo necesita absolutamente. Cuando nuestra orden de chromebook llegue le vamos a poder dar un chromebook a todos los estudiantes. Por favor de llamar a la oficina dentro de las horas 10 a 2 de la tarde. Comenzando mañana Septiembre 11 si va a necesitar recoger un chromebook. Citas para el segundo grado van hacer Septiembre 15 y citas para el Primer grado y Kindergarten van hacer para el Miércoles Septiembre 16.

¡Importante! Como Acceder el Portal para Padres /Important! How to Access the Parent Portal

Student Opening Packet 2020-21

Important Information Regarding Student Chromebooks 
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In The News

Construction Zone Math

students donning their clipboards, hard hats, and reflective vests thumbnail184367
students recording measurements on the floor thumbnail184368
students recording measurements on the floor thumbnail184369
Third grade students in Aimee Volk’s class at Kreamer Elementary School donned construction hats and vests to participate in a math project funded by Donors Choose to measure taped hallway “construction zones.” The fun-filled activity was a culminating project to reinforce the students’ knowledge on how to calculate perimeter and area.

Ms. Volk mapped out 10 construction zones with varying design on the floor outside her classroom. Working in teams and using rulers and clipboards, the students first calculated the perimeter of each zone. The area of the construction sites was slightly more difficult to calculate, Ms. Volk said, because it involved double digit multiplication.

“This project helped the students relate to a real-life situation in which they applied their math skills,” she explained. “As construction managers, they had to analyze the design sites and determine the areas and perimeters.”

Open to every public school in America, Donors Choose is an organization that helps teachers fund projects. Founded by Charles Best in 2000, the Donors Choose website allows teachers to post project requests and for donors to choose the projects they want to support.
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